Local food projects achieving local good in our communities.


We are a nationally incorporated non-profit organization and registered Canadian charity that is dedicated to connecting real people to real food.

Our mission is to coordinate local, sustainable food systems and advocate for the accessibility and affordability of healthy food for everyone.  We achieve a positive impact by:

  • Coordinating local food programs and projects that helps build community
  • Carrying out research and educational programs on improving access to food supply
  • Achieving food security to nourish children and youth, families and seniors

Local Food

1 in 8 Canadian families struggle to put food on the table. Households with children under the age of 18 are more likely to be food insecure. Remote geography, sliding income levels, unemployment and basic knowledge and skills are known barriers to people accessing fresh, affordable food.

We believe access to affordable, healthy food is a basic human right, which is why we are committed to working with farmers, producers, businesses and community organizations in developing partnerships that advance food sovereignty, food literacy, and food security for everyone.

To learn more about how we use the power of local food to achieve local good visit our Projects page.

Local Good

We support people and places mobilizing local food movements to achieve social change in their neighbourhoods and communities.  Since 2015, we’ve generated $1,038,709 for local community projects.




Local Food For Local Good’s Festive Food Program

LFFLG is committed to nourishing our neighbourhoods across Northumberland County. Throughout the pandemic, LFFLG has been supporting school-aged children and their families with access to fresh, healthy food. As the holiday season approaches we want to continue to be there for them.

Our Festive Food Program is a collaboration with Copeland Realty, Prep Food Co, The Market and Smor and several small businesses to prepare and deliver a traditional holiday meal with all the trimmings and a hamper filled with fresh produce, healthy snacks and local goodies. Hampers will be cooked, packaged and delivered by volunteers on December 23rd and 24th.

Your donation will fill a festive food hamper for an entire family. Our goal is to raise enough funds to feed 120 families and provide them with a variety of food options to get them through the holiday break. Give the gift of nourishment and good food this holiday. Donate today.



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Our At Home Learners Student Nutrition Program launched in January 2021 and ran until the end of the school year in June.  It provided fresh produce and healthy snacks to school-aged children and youth living in Northumberland County who were registered in virtual learning during the pandemic.

We focused on all areas of the county with an emphasis on rural and remote areas.  Approximately one-third of the local student population had chosen to learn at home. Unfortunately, due to capacity and logistics, their traditional Student Nutrition Program was unable to get healthy food and snacks to virtual learners. This meant school-aged children who were already experiencing hunger and food insecurity were at greater risk. They also faced additional barriers to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which could have negatively impacted their ability to learn in isolation.

Our goal was to ensure equal food access was provided to at-home student learners, thus reflecting the same level of food support that they would receive if they were physically attending school.  We proudly partnered with The Market and Smor who sourced fresh food for us and Food 4 All Warehouse who connect us with healthy snacks.  All food was picked from the Student Nutrition Guide.  Food was packed and delivered by volunteers every Monday.  We currently fed 230 kids with several families on the waitlist.


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Between April and August 2020 our Covid-19 Community Food Relief Program provided fresh food boxes and prepared meals to school-aged children and youth and their families who had been impacted by the temporary closure of school nutrition programs or who required some additional support during the first wave of the pandemic.

Through the generosity of Breakfast Club of Canada by way of Northumberland Food for Thought and Peterborough Child & Family Centres and charitable donations from community members, we were doing over 250 food deliveries each week.

Fresh food boxes were sourced and packaged by The Market & Smor.  Prepared meals were made by Dockside Bistro and Food Inspired.  Our business partners contributed their time, talent and space to our cause.  All donations went towards food and meal purchases for children and their families.

Our program ended in September but we realize the need is still there for students who are learning from home during COVID-19.  We are currently raising funds to resume the delivery of fresh food hampers to children and youth who are not physically attending school and who are not able to access their student nutrition program.

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Our COVID-19 Community Food Relief Program (April to August) was generously fueled by:breakfast_club-en


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Cultivate Community

In 2015, we co-founded Cultivate Community, a community building venture that celebrates local food, drink, art and culture through collaboration, promotion and education.  Cultivate Community operated as a social enterprise through our shared platform for five years.  Due to its amazing growth and need for expansion it became its own incorporated non-profit organization with its own board of directors in 2020.  Cultivate Community is a wonderful example of how good causes can both incubate and accelerate through a shared platform model.

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Around the Table 

Our annual Thanksgiving Challenge is a meaningful giving opportunity to provide individuals, couples and families in need with warm clothes, access to healthy food and increased street outreach as we head into the winter months. Around the Table invites people to give thanks by giving back by hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, harvest party or social gathering in memory, honour or celebration of a loved one.  Charities can register to leverage the Around the Table platform as a third party fundraiser or donors can choose a particular cause to support.